"I have been buying PlumSmart for the past year. I found this to be a great glass of juice and it's now my favorite." - Josephine, Portland

"I just tried PlumSmart for the first time -- I've had digestive problems all my life, and this product seems to be beneficial for me. Not only does it have a soothing effect, but it seems to be helping straighten things out inside! Thanks for making PlumSmart!" - Cathie, Utah

"I've been drinking PlumSmart at breakfast for almost a year now - great product."- Tom, Burr Ridge, Illinois

"PlumSmart changed my life", is one of the first sentences my dad, who suffers from chronic lymphocytic leukemia and the resulting side effects of antibiotics, said to me when I went to visit him last year. I am so glad he told me about it, because now, we are never without it! My baby had chronic constipation until I began to give him a little every morning. My mother-in-law, also on many medications, had several unopened bottles of prune juice in her cupboard. I went out and bought her PlumSmart as soon as I saw that, and she has thanked me ever since! Last week, my best friend, pregnant with her first, pulled my aside and said, "I am crying--I am so constipated with the iron from my prenatals." I gave her a bottle of PlumSmart--she downed 2 glasses right away and texted me when she got home, "This is a miracle! This stuff is amazing--I am going out to buy it a.s.a.p.!"
So thank you for changing our lives! PlumSmart will be a constant in our fridge forevermore. Only wish we could buy it in bulk at our store :) - Amy, Victorville, CA

"My 18 month old son has been drinking your prune juice for constipation and even though he drinks about 10oz. a day it seemed to be doing nothing. I saw the plum juice with fiber and he not only loves it but he actually had 3 bowel movements today without any discomfort. Thank you," - Jessica

"I recently had back surgery which caused many complications in my recovery process. 12 ounces of PlumSmart each day allowed my digestive system to get back on track. It is wonderful to have such a healthy product available without any side effects. I am very proud to be a part of this company providing healthful solutions to our many consumers." - Arthur Driscoll II, President & CEO, Sunsweet Growers Inc.

"My friend/neighbor has had stomach problems for months and was prescribed a variety of medications, but none had worked for her. Yesterday, she saw the commercial about PlumSmart Juice and she asked me to pick up a bottle of it so she could try it. I have to tell you, she is in love with it...She hasn't felt this good in months and says that she is going to tell her doctor a 'thing or two' about all the medications she's been put on and taken off (not to mention the cost)! I asked her if she wouldn't mind my putting her testimonial on your Website and she was thrilled that I was doing it. Thanks for helping my friend with your PlumSmart Juice. Since she is a witness to how it's worked for her, I am definitely going to get it for myself, too ;-)" - Irene & Susie, Stockton, CA.

"I really like PlumSmart. It has a much better flavor than a lot of juices, and I buy it very, very often. It's great............ " - D. Kostielney

"I've just recently started drinking PlumSmart juice. The taste of this juice really surprised me. I was expecting a thick fibrous drink and yet to me this juice tastes really close to grape juice. It has helped my digestive system and I've only been consuming the product for two weeks. Thanks for the product and you have a dedicated consumer to your products." - Diane

"My 9 month old son has been struggling with constipation for the last few months. Nothing has really helped the problem - not even prune juice, until now. I've discovered your PlumSmart juice and I give it to him throughout the day mixed with water. Well, your plum juice and a lot of prayer have solved the problem - no more constipation and he loves the juice! Thank you so much, please never stop making this product." - Amy, Syracuse, NY

"I really like the juice -- drinks a glass every night..." - Janet, OH.

"This has really helped me, and I want to recommend it to my granddaughter as she is starting to have some problems." - Esther, FL.

"I had to write to let you know how PlumSmart juice has changed my life for the better. I had major intestinal surgery 6 years ago and ever since then it has been impossible to regulate my system. I have tried everything but nothing seemed to work. I just started drinking the PlumSweet light a week ago and I feel like a new person. My system is regular!! No more fiber drinks, laxatives, and stool softeners...this is unbelievable. I applaud you; I never thought I would feel this way again. My sincerest thanks...." - Kathryn, PA.